We oordered CDN $7,800.00 worth of Simply Amish Furniture in Courtenay, BC, Canada, to include a large dresser, two side tables and a rocking chair. It was received after 13 weeks with terrible finish.

The stain on the drawers didn't match the rest of the dresser. A front panel was warped. Areas of a dresser were not stained at all. The store agreed it looked poor and took it back.

Two months later we are still waiting for our furniture without an expected delivery date.

They will not provide a refund. Overall absolutely the worst service I have ever received anywhere.

Monetary Loss: $7800.

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All my customers are told about the wait time for furniture, 12 weeks from the time ordered until it usually arrives to my store. I haven't had one customer after putting down a sizeable down-payment not ask when there items will arrive to them.

However, sometimes delays happen, which is completely out of the my hands. If a delay does occur, I personally make calls and let my customers know. Most people except this and are patience.

Others...... (Well those in retail know the answer to that).


I had written the above post about Simply Amish and would like to add a comment because we did receive the furniture as ordered a couple of weeks later.

The furniture is beautiful and the quality of the finished products superb (dresser, side tables and rocker). Consumers just need to be aware of the length of time it takes to get custom items delivered to the island, especially if any problems exist with the initial delivery.

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